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Delicious treats without harm to health: 12 bakeries where you can buy gluten-free desserts and pastries


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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If you, your family members or friends have a gluten allergy or intolerance to this protein, it is important to find a place where everyone can eat! We have selected several 100% gluten-free restaurants and bakeries based on a rating from the publication Secret nyc.

1. Tap NYC, multiple outlets

В TAP (stands for Tapicoa, Açaí, Pão de queijo) strive to offer gluten-free, nutritious and authentic Brazilian foods! With organic ingredients sourced from local distributors, TAP fulfills its mission of providing customers with minimally processed and gluten-free products.

Their specialties are Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) with a unique blend of cheeses and Tapioca Sandwiches, among which you should definitely try the Chicken Club.


  • Upper West Side - 267 Columbus Ave
  • Midtown East - 685 3rd Ave
  • Long Island City - 40-05 Skillman Ave, Queens (delivery or pickup only)

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2. Noglu, Upper East Side

Looking for a sweet or savory treat? Look into Noglu, and you are guaranteed to protect yourself from gluten. From dishes like quiches and sandwiches to buns and salads, their seasonal gluten-free options are some of the best in the area. For even more fun, try their desserts (eclairs, cream puffs, scones, cookies and tarts) or take a sip of tea, coffee or juice.

Where: 1260 Madison Avenue

3. Posh Pop Bakeshop, Greenwich Village

If you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely check out the Posh Pop Bakeshop. This gluten-free bakery serves all kinds of desserts including cookies, cakes, pastries, pies, donuts. Whether you're looking for gluten-free pastries or not, you'll be enchanted when you stop by and see the bakers' colorful creations!

Where: 192 Bleecker St

4. Wild, West Village

It offers minimally processed and natural products. There's no shortage of gluten-free options on the Wild menu, from popular weekend brunches to casual lunches. Burgers, salads, dishes like salmon and pizza are all made with organic ingredients, while an amazing drinks menu completes all meals. The place even hosts cooking classes if you want to take gluten-free food into your own hands!

Where: 535 Hudson St.

5. By the Way Bakery, UWS, UES and Brooklyn

If you are looking for sweet treats that are prepared by hand and in small batches, then the bakery By the Way Bakery - This is what you need. Guaranteed gluten free and even kosher food. This is one of the most famous places for baking branded cakes and cupcakes. Here you will find everything from blueberry muffins to lemon layer cake with fresh lemon zest and homemade lemon curd. Stop by here to indulge or order for your next event, because every piece is made with love.


  • UWS-2440 Broadway
  • UES–1236 Lexington Ave
  • Brooklyn - 184 Kent Avenue at N. 4th Street, Brooklyn

6. Friedmans, multiple locations

Friedmans offers a variety of options from breakfast to lunch. The original owner of this place had celiac disease and wanted to provide an opportunity for other people with the same disease to eat tasty and without restrictions. Their menu includes classic breakfasts, sandwiches, grilled cheese, soups, and more that are gluten-free. Just remember to tell your waiter about it!

Where: Find the right place for you is here.

7 Sans Bakery, L.I.C.

sans bakery is a 100% gluten free bakery in New York City. The owner of the bakery is also allergic to gluten and believes that a place dedicated to people with the same problem is needed. Since 2017 they have been offering a variety of cakes, bars, cookies, brownies, donuts and loaves of bread to suit all tastes. If you want to send these items to friends anywhere in the world, they also offer a variety of mixes that are easy to make at home!

Where: 31-00 47th Ave, Queens

8. Senza Gluten, Greenwich Village

This 100% gluten-free restaurant in New York's West Village makes sure that all Italian dishes are safe for people with celiac disease. Here you will find all the classics like gluten free bread baskets, lasagna, pasta, gnocchi and tiramisu! They also have an impressive wine and cocktail list that will give you the full Italian food experience! Check out the full Senza Gluten menu here and book your table today.

Where: 206 Sullivan St.

9. Modern Bread & Bagel, UWS and Chelsea

We are all constantly looking for the best bagels in New York and we believe that Modern Bread & Bagel is in the lead! This is a place that serves XNUMX% gluten free bagels and sandwiches. Literally everything you try here will be delicious and you won't even notice it's gluten free!

Where: 472 Columbus Ave

10. Tacombi Bleecker, Greenwich Village

Although the restaurant Tacombi Bleecker does not claim to be gluten free, its menu reflects this. This Mexican restaurant focuses on simple and sustainable ingredients free of GMOs, antibiotics, preservatives and artificial additives.

Where: 255 Bleecker St.

11. Dosa Royale, Clinton Hill

Food from South India is generally gluten-free. therefore Dosa Royale and their delicious dosas, which can be filled with a wide variety of flavors, are the perfect gluten-free meal.

Where: 258 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn

12. Toad Style, Bed-Stuy

Toad Style not only a vegan but also a mostly gluten free restaurant. Just let them know you don't eat gluten! They can easily swap out one of their sandwiches for a gluten-free one by putting it on a corn tortilla instead of bread. The staff here are very helpful, so feel free to ask!

Where: 93 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn

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