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Thieves stole a Chagall painting from a famous Manhattan gallery: it's worth $100


Olga Derkach

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The police are trying to track down a group of painting thieves from a gallery located in the center of Manhattan. Thieves stole a painting by Marc Chagall worth $100 thousand, the robbery was caught on camera. The publication told more about this robbery NBC New York.

The crime was captured by Charles Saffati, owner of the Carlton Fine Arts gallery, who said that a group of robbers parked on 55th Street, after which one of them walked down the block. The thief took out a hammer and broke one of the glass front doors, Saffati said.

“He came in here and took the painting off the easel. It was “Eve” by Chagall, a work worth $100,” said the gallery owner.

“Eve” is the name of a work of art, one of the few in the world, created by Marc Chagall.

“The three greatest masters of the XNUMXth century were: Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and John Miro,” Saffati noted.

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Marc Chagall is a Belarusian and French avant-garde artist and graphic artist of Jewish origin. Born in Belarus in the small town of Lioznaya in the Vitebsk region (Belarus). He received a scholarship to study and moved to France. In its capital, he met avant-garde artists and poets. Chagall fell in love with Paris immediately and called it “the second Vitebsk.”

When the alleged thieves broke into the famous art gallery, they were unaware that their raid was being recorded by cameras located nearby.

Their attempt to escape was not entirely ideal: they were trying to stuff an expensive piece of art into the back seat of a 1996 Honda Accord, which had fallen on hard times, and the rain began to fall on the classic masterpiece. Detectives said the vehicle had damage to the front passenger side and the rear wheel hub was missing.

“They put the canvas in the back seat of the car and drove off, turning onto 57th Street,” Saffati said.

Police are trying to identify the man in the gray cap seen in the video, as well as the man with the umbrella and the driver of the Accord.

The gallery has been in business since the 1960s and the owner was shocked by a robbery in an upscale area.

“Saint Regis is in the next block, there is a Palace Hotel and a Peninsula Hotel. This is a very elite area,” explained the gallery owner. – Trump Tower is two blocks away. There are a lot of police in this area, so they would have to be pretty brazen to come and do something like that.”

Saffati introduced additional security to the detriment of the company's profits.

“We were forced to install a new display case - in the end we installed protective glass. We had to update the alarm system and provide XNUMX-hour armed security. This is a huge expense for us,” he stated. – This state of affairs is unacceptable. This is Madison Avenue, we need protection. We have the best police in the world, but their hands are tied.”

The incident is being investigated by the NYPD's Major Crime Unit. Anyone with information about the robbers, the artwork itself, or the vehicle used in the gallery raid is asked to contact the NYPD immediately.

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