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You can name a cockroach at the Bronx Zoo after your ex: a fun Valentine's Day promotion


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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Bronx Zoo Reopens Program Name a Roach just in time for Valentine's Day Secret nyc.

Forget about expressing your love with flowers - do it with the Madagascar hissing cockroach!

This event is held annually on the eve of Valentine's Day. Thanks to him, visitors can choose after whom they would like to name one of the zoo's many cockroaches - after a loved one or after their nasty ex.

The Name the Cockroach program has been a Bronx Zoo tradition since 2011. It has been incredibly popular over the years. With a $15 donation, you can name a Madagascar cockroach after a loved one. Or, alternatively, an annoying ex. Along with the right to assign a name, you will also receive a digital certificate. It can then be handed to the namesake of your cockroach.

The zoo offers other options too!

For $75, you can purchase a glass with a cockroach, a handbag, a printed certificate with the name of the “chosen one”, as well as a virtual meeting on February 11, 12 or 14 with the Madagascar hissing cockroach.

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Cockroach glass and bag can be purchased separately. Well, who does not envy a chic bag with a cockroach?!

Whether it's a gift for a special person or sweet revenge for a former special person, Bronx Zoo take care of you.

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