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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Graduates of New York schools will be automatically enrolled in SUNY and CUNY colleges: details


Lyudmila Balabay

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New York Governor Kathy Hokul June 1 announced about transforming the state's higher education system. It will make it easier for high school students in the region to get into local colleges, such as those at the State University of New York (SUNY) and the University of the City of New York (CUNY).

“Access to quality higher education is a social driver, and we are taking comprehensive steps to make the college accessible to high school graduates of all backgrounds,” Hokul said. "My administration is committed to removing barriers and facilitating the path to higher education for all high school students."

In the coming days, SUNY will send letters to 125 high school graduates in New York State (excluding schools in New York City) informing them that they have been automatically enrolled at a local community college and can begin this fall.

CUNY will send letters to 65 high school students in New York City. The letters will outline the CUNY study options available to them, as well as an invitation to apply to join the college.

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SUNY and CUNY help students get financial aid, among other things, by creating study guides and hiring consultants. Students can apply for federal student aid free of charge (FAFSA); you can fill out an application online here. In addition, New Yorkers are eligible to apply for the New York State Excelsior Scholarship. Applications are open from May 23 to August 31; fill out the questionnaire here.

About universities

State University of New York is the largest local educational network in the United States. More than 95% of New Yorkers live within 50 miles of one of SUNY's 64 colleges and universities.

This system includes:

  • four academic medical centers;
  • five hospitals;
  • four medical schools;
  • two dental schools;
  • law school;
  • the country's oldest maritime school;
  • the state's only college of optometry;
  • US Department of Energy National Laboratory.

In total, SUNY serves about 1,4 million students and oversees almost a quarter of New York City's academic research.

There are more than three million SUNY graduates worldwide, and one in three New Yorkers with a college degree is a SUNY graduate.

University of the City of New York is the largest city university in the country. Founded in 1847, CUNY today comprises seven community colleges, 11 senior colleges, and seven colleges of higher education or vocational schools located in New York's five boroughs.

CUNY serves over 243 undergraduate and graduate students and awards 000 degrees each year. CUNY alumni and faculty have received many prestigious awards, including 55 Nobel Prizes and 000 MacArthur grants.

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