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Poisonous 20-centimeter spiders have infested New York: how to get rid of them


Alina Prikhodko

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Experts predict the appearance of giant, poisonous arachnids in the Tri-State. What you need to know about the invasion of spiders that will soon fill New York and New Jersey, told New York Post.

The black-and-yellow Joro spiders, which can reach a terrifying 20 centimeters, first arrived in the southern United States from East Asia in shipping containers. The spindly legs are capable of using a web as a parachute, earning them the nickname “balloon spider.”

Slowly spreading across the East Coast over several years, these creepy crawlies are now jumping onto car roofs and traveling free on I-95.

“We're now seeing them disperse in Maryland, and soon, perhaps even next year, they should appear in New Jersey and New York,” said José R. Ramirez-Garofalo, an ecologist at Rutgers University's Lockwood Laboratory. .

The question is “when”, not “if”

The spider, which is currently “spreading like wildfire” in the Southeast, will also eat almost anything that gets caught in its web, Clemson researchers said.

However, there is good news - uninvited invaders are much more likely to be found on the outside of the house than on the inside. Wherever you find them, there is no need to panic.

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“Pesticides can really kill them, but there's no point because they'll destroy everything else and that's a cost. Spiders are easy to physically move if they are on your home, says lead researcher Professor David Coyle. “They seem to love buildings.” So I just tell people to take a stick or a broom and clean it up.”

And the best news is that Joro's venom cannot harm humans, since their fangs are too small to penetrate human flesh.

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