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Why we love New York: 6 markers for which the city deserves a Valentine


Alina Prikhodko

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There are so many wonderful things about New York. Even those who consider the city too fast, expensive and dirty cannot help but appreciate its splendor. There are an incredible amount of things to admire in the Big Apple. On the eve of Valentine's Day, Time-out asked city residents what they love most about New York.

Bagels and pizza

Countless users have mentioned bagels and pizza in the same sentence when discussing their favorite New York icons. Lucky for them, two of the best local food purveyors, H&H Bagels and Emmett's, have teamed up to create the perfect bagel pizza. Don't miss your chance - the offer is available for a limited time.


When it comes to art, New York City has plenty to choose from. These range from outdoor exhibitions to traditional museums to the kind of immersive experiences that many see as the future of the city's cultural landscape. Almost all respondents noted the importance of art in their daily lives.

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We were as surprised as you when social media users pointed out the various hiking opportunities available to people living in the Big Apple. After all, New Yorkers aren't exactly known for their penchant for sports.

As one user wrote, “There are some great hiking spots upstate.” We can't argue with that, especially considering list of best places for hiking along scenic trails around New York City.


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“Christmas in New York!” – wrote one of the respondents on Facebook. And it’s hard to disagree with him. Let's be honest: nothing beats the Christmas and New Year season in the Big Apple, when holiday markets filled with enthusiastic buyers, ice rinks become a place of general fun, and nightly gatherings are determined by the strength of the cocktails.


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The beauty of New York goes beyond the obvious things to do here at any time. It lies in the atmosphere of the city and its commitment to multiculturalism.

“Diversity is the name of the game here,” one commenter wrote.

“Different international cultures, and this alone gives the opportunity to try several types of cuisines, have unforgettable experiences (belly dancing, salsa, etc.), as well as hear more colorful opinions and conversations,” noted another user.

Transport system

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Everyone knows that the metro system could use some improvement. But, believe it or not, in New York it is much better than in other cities in America. And judging by some of the comments, most New Yorkers know about it.

“You can get to the beach by train,” argues one of them.

The good news is that officials are working to improve the system as a whole. In the coming years, the Second Avenue subway could be extended even further into Harlem, and Staten Island could see new cars for the first time in half a century. The Staten Island Ferry will bring back beer and snacks.

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