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Pick up a car in New York if you can find it: a computer game has come to life in the city


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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At the time of this writing, on the corner of Church Avenue in Brooklyn, apparently in the parking lot of Burger King, there was a car that could be picked up, reports Gothamist.

There are 1000 keys that unlock this vehicle, which is rumored to be a Chrysler PT Cruiser, though unconfirmed. Countless people already have this key. You can purchase it yourself online for $19. And then get information about the location of the car on the hotline (337-539-4255). In addition, the concept Keys4All easy enough for anyone who has ever played Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

“If you find a car, it's yours. But if you want to enjoy the fruits of your victory and get behind the wheel, then you must take the risk of taking the car out into the world. Because another driver can snatch the car out from under your nose.”

So what's going on here? Is it reality or some kind of viral influence gimmick, an art project, an advertisement for car companies, or even worse, cryptography?

We know this trick is the work of the MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based collective that seeks to expose the absurdity of our cultural, political, and monetary systems. They are also beneficiaries of said systems, attracting at least $11,5 million in external investment since 2019. Their most famous project involved selling limited-edition Nike sneakers filled with holy water from the Jordan River.

On the subject: Vandal massively cuts tires on cars in New York: car owners in a panic

In this case, as explained in their manifesto, the group is drawing attention to tensions within the sharing economy and the automobile as a symbol of American independence. “Key4All car is an untidy roadside car motel.”

Well, I'll try to find a car

12:24 pm: I was hoping to take advantage of this beautiful day and ride my city bike, but it turns out there are no docks in Flatbush. Maybe the MSCHF's next stunt could be to expand bike stocks in the neighborhoods? I'm not sure what I'll do when I get there because I don't have the key to that car. I called a hotline that tells you the current latitude and longitude of the vehicle and whether it is moving. Looks like the car has moved three blocks since I last checked 30 minutes ago. Luckily it still doesn't move. I change direction slightly, feeling like I'm in the Rat Race movie.

13:26: I'm already in the car

It's a wood-paneled PT Cruiser with fuzzy cubes hanging in the rear view. It was parked as promised on 92nd Street in East Flatbush. As I approach, it seems that there is no one inside. Until a man jumps out of the trunk and squats down. I jump back and he smiles at me: the 28-year-old content creator, who goes by the pseudonym MiqoSix, says he's filming himself for TikTok.

Miko found the car in Williamsburg last night. And then left it overnight in the parking lot of the previously mentioned Burger King in East Flatbush. He expected her to be gone this morning, but she was still there around 11:30 am. He got a free burger this morning, assuming the car could bring good luck.

What does he plan to do now that he has her?

“I don’t want to stick to the car forever, the plan is to have as many people as possible in it.”

We are going to pick up his daughter from kindergarten. Climbing upstairs for his daughter, he says he will understand if the car is gone when he gets back.

15:30 pm: Waiting for Miko to come downstairs

I was hoping another MSCHF user would try to steal, but that doesn't happen. One guy seems to be eyeing the car, but after complimenting the wood paneling, he soon leaves.

16:32 pm: Almost an hour passed and no one showed up to pick up the car. My duty in the car is interrupted by other duties. I would like more action, but I don't think there are many clues yet. The current owners of the keys appear to be powerful people. Let's see if that changes in the coming days.

In the meantime, I'm pondering the lessons learned from this strange internet experiment. At the very least, I'm impressed that no one has yet attempted to strip the Public Utility Vehicle for parts. Most importantly, I learned what it's like to ride in a PT Cruiser. Pretty fun!

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