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Dangerous heat will cover New York: what temperatures will it be in the city?


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A dangerous heat wave will hit New York this week. The temperature will rise from June 18 and on June 21-22 it will “feel like” about 38 Cº, reports NYDailyNews.

The National Weather Service is expected to issue warnings about embers for five districts. They will be in effect from June 21 to 22, with the city activating its heat extreme plan on the morning of June 25. Cooling points throughout the city will open on June 18.

What to expect

High temperatures on June 18 will range from 26 C to 32 C, according to David Stark, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. The heat index, or “felt” temperature, will be around 32,3 Cº. June 19th will be more hotter: The maximum temperature will reach 33 Cº.

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On June 20, the city will really heat up: the air will heat up to 34 Cº, and the heat index will reach 37 Cº.

On June 21, the maximum will exceed 32 Cº, and the heat index will be around 37 Cº. This day could bring a record high, with temperatures forecast to exceed the 1988 figure of 36,1 Cº.

On June 22, thermometers will begin to decline. It is expected that the heat will drop to 32 Cº, and by June 23 it will drop even more, and the air temperature will return to a comfortable 26 Cº.

The heat wave, the first of the season, arrives earlier than usual: the peak of summer heat usually occurs in late July or August.

Safety Precautions

New York City Mayor Eric Adams urged residents to check on their neighbors and advised older people, as well as those with small children and pets, to take extra precautions. He recommended staying in air-conditioned areas and limiting exposure to the hot sun.

“This is very hot for June, and New Yorkers should not underestimate the sweltering conditions,” Mayor Adams warned at a June 17 press conference to announce the rising temperatures. – As climate change brings more frequent and intense heat, this summer is different from previous ones. We need to be prepared for the hot weather that's coming."

Calling the heat wave "the most dangerous weather event in the Big Apple," New York City Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol said that on average, more than 350 city residents a year die due to heat. He said that at night the temperature will not fall below 21 Cº.

The mayor's office has expanded its network of air-conditioned cooling stations throughout the city and provided "outdoor cool kits" for those who work outdoors, Adams said.

The beaches are open during the season, but the public pools are not yet.

New Yorkers should limit their energy consumption by avoiding washing clothes or turning the air conditioner on high throughout the day. This will reduce the risk of power outages.

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