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The woman seized someone else's apartment in New York and does not want to move out: the police, the courts and even the remains of former residents are involved in the scandal


Nadezhda Verbitskaya

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The nurse who took over her former ward's New York apartment is now suing the woman's daughter. The scandal has gone too far, even the ashes of the deceased resident of the apartment were dragged into it, reports FoxNews.

Verra Katz and her daughter Alaine Skylar hired Tatiana Abello in 2016 to help care for the elderly Katz.

Following the death of 103-year-old Katz in 2021, Abello stayed in a rent-stabilized two-bedroom apartment. She also brought other members of her family into the house. They claim in court documents that they have “inheritance rights” to the apartment and were “like family” to Katz. Although in reality, Katz herself rented this apartment and was not the owner.

Skylar said that after her mother's death, she developed a plan of action with Abello to end her employment relationship because she cared about the woman and her family.

“I loved these people. I had friendly relations with them because they took care of my mother, - said 65-year-old Skylar. “I bought them dinners, gifts.”

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The daughter tried to get into the apartment in 2021, but the door was “bolted”. And Abello refused to open the door of both the daughter of the former landlady and the NYPD. As a result, Skylar appealed to the Manhattan Housing Court. The woman says that the home invader's family is threatening to flush the ashes of her mother and father, who are in the apartment, down the toilet.

“They threatened to flush my parents' ashes down the toilet,” she said.

Katz was a big band singer who used the name Verra Stewart in her career. And Skylar's father, Ralph Katz, was the editor of the New York Times. He died in 2003.

During the legal battle, Abello agreed to return the ashes of Skylar's parents, the daughter took the urns in December 2021. After the ashes were returned, the litigation over the apartment appears to have ended.

The woman still cannot return to the house and pick up her parents' personal belongings. And the landlord sued Abello and Skylar.

Typically, apartments in this area cost about $7 a month. And the landlord demands that Abello start paying rent.

Skylar is also trying to start the process of evicting Abellos and getting her parents' things back. She does not know where these things are now, and claims that, judging by the posts on social networks that she saw, her parents' furniture is no longer in the apartment.

According to her, "the things of a lifetime, memorabilia, father's interlineators, books, a magnificent collection of vinyl" have disappeared.

“If this could happen to me, then it can happen to anyone who uses the services of home caregivers,” she added.

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