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A New Yorker twice tried to order the murder of his wife: the second time - right after he served time for the first attempt


Alina Prikhodko

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Ira Bernstein, a 49-year-old podiatrist from Montebello, New York, tried twice to arrange the murder of his wife. Both times ended happily for his wife, but not for Ira himself, writes Fox News.

First assassination attempt

In 2015, Bernstein and his mistress Kelly Gribelyuk intended to pay car salesman Marchenzie Luissen $100 to kill Susan Bernstein. According to the plan, he was to run a car over her and make it look like an accident.

Bernstein subsequently pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy. In 2017, he was sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison.

Second attempt

The convict was released early from prison in 2021 and made a new attempt to kill his wife. A new conspiracy to kill Susan Bernstein unfolded in July-September 2022 - just a few months after Ira's release.

This time, Bernstein's sister Jacqueline Goldberg was involved. She allegedly helped her brother destroy evidence of the conspiracy.

Both have pleaded not guilty. The indictment follows an investigation by the Ramapo Police Department. District Attorney Thomas Walsh did not release details of the case, such as what evidence was destroyed or what the alleged plan of the murder was.

The defendants appeared June 1 before District Judge Robert Prisco in a closed indictment. Both were released on bail to appear in court on June 23.

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Bernstein is charged with criminal incitement in the second degree, criminal incitement in the fourth degree, falsification of physical evidence, and conspiracy in the fifth degree.

Goldberg faces charges of falsifying physical evidence, third-degree obstruction of a judicial investigation, and fifth-degree conspiracy.

Ramapo Police Chief Martin Riley said he was proud of “the efforts made by the Investigative Division and detectives to bring indictments against both defendants.”

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