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A New York man won $10 million in the lottery for the second time in two years.


Alina Prikhodko

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On Tuesday, December 5, a Brooklyn resident won $10 million in the New York Lottery's 200X scratch-off lottery. Last year, on August 22, he won $10 million in prize money in the game Black Titanium, reports USA Today.

Wayne Murray, that's the name of the lucky guy, bought all the tickets at the same store - H&A Gas & Convenience in Brooklyn. Murray decided to take his latest winnings in one payment, which amounted to just over $6 million after taxes.

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What's happened 200 times

200X is an instant lottery game in New York and California where players can win up to $10 million. Now that Murray has claimed his winnings, new york lottery reported that there was only one main prize left.

What are the chances of winning 200X

The odds of winning any prize in the game are approximately 1 in 2,71. The chance of winning the main prize is 1 in 3.

Where can you buy lottery tickets?  

Tickets can be purchased at gas stations, hardware stores and grocery stores. Some airport terminals also sell lottery tickets.

You can also order tickets online through Jackpocket, the official digital lottery courier of the USA TODAY Network. The Jackpocket app allows you to select a lottery game and numbers, place an order, view your ticket, and claim your winnings using your phone or home computer.

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