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New Yorkers Can Rent an Apartment in Brooklyn for $0: Lottery Terms


Olga Derkach

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Rents are rising all over New York City, but there are opportunities to find apartments that not only won't hit your wallet, but will even be practically free. The edition told in more detail NBC New York.

The Brooklyn Affordable Housing Lottery is for seniors. She offers a one-bedroom apartment or a studio apartment for as little as $0 rent.

This opportunity is open to residents aged 62 and over who enter the Sunset Ridge Senior Apartments Housing Lottery.

Where is Sunset Ridge Senior

Sunset Ridge Senior consists of 57 apartments and is under construction at 6309 4th Avenue and 414 63rd Street in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.

These apartments will feature high-performance appliances, community activities and activities, and outdoor areas including a rooftop terrace and shared laundry.

On the subject: Apartments from $362 per month: new housing lotteries in New York

The building is being constructed under the NYC Department of Housing and Development's Senior Affordable Rent (SARA) program, as well as the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (SLIHC) , the York State Home and Community Renewal (HCR) program.

Who can apply for the lottery

Individuals or families with at least one person aged 62 or older who meet the income and family size requirements may apply for an apartment. Applicants will be required to meet additional eligibility criteria.

Eligible applicants must apply for Section 8 and will pay 30% of the family income for rent, and some may not have to pay at all.

Available Apartments and Lottery Requirements


  • available 36 apartments with space for one or two people;
  • annual family income: for 1 person - $0-$46, for 700 people - $2-$0.

One bedroom apartment:

  • 21 units for one, two or three people;
  • annual family income: per person - $1-$0; for 46 people - $700-$2; for 0 people - $53-$400.

Other points to keep in mind:

  • tenants are responsible for electricity, including the use of an electric stove. The rent includes heat and hot water;
  • family size includes all people who will live with the person, including parents and children;
  • household income includes wages, hourly wages, tips, social security, alimony, and other income. Income recommendations are subject to change;
  • $66 asset limit applies, excluding designated retirement accounts.

How to Apply for the Housing Lottery

Applicants can apply online or by mail. To apply online, visit the website

To request a mail-in application, mail a self-addressed envelope to SUNSET RIDGE Apartments, C/O Fifth Avenue Committee 621 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

Submit only one application. Do not submit duplicate applications.

When is the application deadline

Applications must be submitted by mail or online no later than March 17, 2023. Late applications will not be considered.

No deposits or application fees are required.

What happens after applying

After the deadline, applications are selected for consideration through a lottery. If the person is selected and meets the requirements, they will be invited to a meeting to continue the process. The process usually starts 2-10 months after the application deadline. You will be asked to bring proof of your family size, the identity of family members, and income.

Where to fill out an application

To fill out an application, you can go to link.

For more information about NYC Housing Connect, go to link.

For more information about senior housing in Brooklyn, go to this link or by this.

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