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A New Yorker can be fined for adultery, and also for dog hair and for a selfie with a tiger


Olga Derkach

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There are strange laws in every state, some have already been canceled, others are left as a tribute to the past or just to amuse the inhabitants. But the laws in New York still surprise and make you think. About 5 strange laws in New York told the publication Silive.

Sale of cat or dog hair

Section 379 of the Farm and Markets Act prohibits the sale of hair from domestic cats and dogs. Specifically, a person may not "import, sell, offer for sale, manufacture, distribute, transport, or otherwise sell the fur, hair, skin, or flesh" of these animals.

Manufacturers must provide retailers with certification that their products are free from these animals, and fines for violating the law can be as high as $25.

The law does not apply to other animals such as coyotes, foxes or lynxes.

street shows

New York City, like any other urban area, is known for its street musicians, but not all performers hoping to put on a show can legally do so.

On the subject: In New York, you can't cut mattress tags: this strange law has a very logical reason.

The public safety part of the New York City Administrative Code prohibits certain children from participating in street performances, including climbing buildings. In addition, some other performances, such as puppet shows, from an open part of the building, such as from a window, are also prohibited.

The fines are only $25, but the statute also includes the possibility of arrest for 30 days.

offensive demonstrations

Section 245 of the New York Penal Law prohibits certain types of exhibitions.

Under this section of the criminal law, a person is found guilty of offensive demonstrations when he or she "knowingly makes, operates, manages, or furnishes premises, or in any way promotes or participates" in more than one activity.

This law prohibits people from participating in contests lasting more than eight hours without a break. This includes things like dance competitions, bike races, and other physical endurance events.

It also forbids people from "voluntarily submitting to humiliations", such as having balls thrown at their bodies for the amusement of other people. More reasonably, the law also prohibits acts in which a firearm is fired or sharp objects are thrown at a person.


It is said that family values ​​are weakened in America, but not in the criminal code of New York.

Believe it or not, adultery is still a crime in New York State. Criminal Law 255.17 states that a person is guilty of adultery when he has sexual intercourse with another person while he has a living partner.

You can't prosecute someone for adultery based solely on the testimonies of the participants. There must be other evidence showing that the defendant attempted to have sexual intercourse.

It is extremely rare for someone to be arrested just for adultery. Indeed, since 1972 only 13 people have been accused of adultery. Of those 13, only five were convicted of the crime. In virtually every one of these cases, some other crime was committed, and the prosecutor added adultery as one of the many crimes committed.

Selfie with a tiger

Probably the most recent addition to this list, the New York Legislature and former Governor Andrew Cuomo passed a law in 2014 banning contact with big cats.

The law followed the spread of roadside attractions throughout the country, offering visitors the opportunity to dangerously approach man-eating wild animals.

To allay obvious concerns, a rule enshrined in state environmental law prohibits such exhibitions and any "direct contact" with big cats.

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