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Landmark Day: New York Removes All COVID-19 Restrictions Completely

15.06.2021, 16: 53 EST

Olga Derkach

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New York State has lifted most of the restrictions due to COVID-19, as more than 70% of the state's adult population received the first dose of the vaccine. The edition told in more detail New York Times.

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Restaurants will no longer be forced to place tables six feet apart or use physical partitions; cinemas will be allowed to fill auditoriums with no spacing between seats; and entering commercial buildings does not require temperature checks.

With 70% of New York City adults receiving at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday June 15 that the state is poised to "return to life as we know it." He said that almost all restrictions on business and social events have been lifted.

The changes, which take effect immediately, mark another milestone in the economic recovery of the state, which was once the epicenter of a pandemic and was the first to impose tough restrictive measures.

According to the decree, the state will in most cases remove bandwidth restrictions and will no longer require social distancing, disinfection protocols and medical examinations, and will also make it unnecessary for businesses to apply such precautions on their premises.

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“This is a great day and we deserve it because it has been a long, long journey,” Cuomo said.

In addition to protocol changes in restaurants, cinemas and commercial buildings, hairdressers and beauty salons will not need to ask their customers for contact tracing information, and gyms and fitness centers will not have to adhere to strict disinfection protocols to clean equipment.

Cuomo set a 70 percent threshold to encourage reopening of the state and encourage people to get vaccinated. According to the latest federal data, fourteen other states and Washington, D.C. hit the same threshold, with Vermont topping the list with 84 percent.

California also lifted nearly all of its restrictions on Tuesday - a "resumption day" as Gavin Newsom called it - including capacity restrictions for businesses and social distancing requirements, with a few exceptions, as 72% of adults there received at least one dose of the vaccine. ...

But health officials remain unhappy with low vaccination rates across the state and in parts of New York.

According to city data, about 65% of adults received at least one dose in the city, while 54% of city residents of all ages received one dose. Some of the lowest adult vaccination rates in the city are in the Bronx (57%) and Brooklyn (59;).

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New Yorkers still have to expect signs of a pandemic even after the restrictions are lifted.

The state will continue to comply with mask wearing guidelines. Some stricter restrictions will remain in prisons and medical facilities, as well as in schools, public transportation and homeless shelters.

The decision to lift many of the precautions, such as allowing vaccinated customers to walk without masks, will be made by individual companies. Some may decide to leave them alone to make customers feel safe.

Over the past few months, with levels of virus positivity hitting an all-time low, Cuomo has lifted a number of pandemic-era rules.

Last month, the metro resumed round-the-clock operation. Bars and restaurants were allowed to operate 100% and remain open after midnight. The authorities also eased capacity restrictions to allow more people to visit concert halls and sports stadiums.

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