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Voting in the native language: New York will discuss changes to the Poll Site Language Assistance Program

02.04.2020, 11:07 EST

ForumDaily New York

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Pursuant to section 104 of the Public Officers Law, notice is hereby given of an open meeting of the Commissioners of the Civic Engagement Commission. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 7th, 2020, via video conference call. The Commission will discuss the revision made to the proposed methodology for the Poll Site Language Assistance Program based on the public comments submitted.

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The information for the meeting

1. To join the meeting, enter this Webex URL.

2. If prompted to provide a password or number, please enter the following:

  • Meeting Password: cpTrFhYU678
  • Meeting Number: 794 689 822

To join via phone dial-in:

When joining the meeting you can join via device audio, or dial-in via phone. To dial-in via phone, please use the following local dial-in phone number and participant code:

  • Phone: 646-992-2010
  • Access Code: 794 689 822

If you have low bandwidth or inconsistent internet connection, use the dial-in option for the meeting. This will reduce the possibility of dropped audio and glitching.

Reasonable Accommodations

You must contact the Commission if you need a reasonable accommodation for a disability. To request a sign language interpreter, please contact the Commission no later than 5 pm, Friday, April 3, 2020 by emailing or by calling (646) 763-0628. Open captioning will be available during the meeting.

The Commission will provide 30 minutes at the end of its meeting for public comment related to the mission and activities of the Commission. Please note that public comment is limited to three minutes. This time is intended for comment and is not designated for questions and answers. To allow for comment in an orderly fashion, please sign up in advance by emailing your name and affiliation to by 5 pm, Monday, April 6th. Participants who will be dialing-in via phone are strongly encouraged to register in advance.

Further instructions on how to participate during the Webex meeting

Please note that participants will be muted upon entry to the meeting.

Using the Chat panel

Click the Chat icon on the main meeting screen to open the Chat panel and chat directly with the meeting host. You may communicate your intention to offer public comment through the chat. The meeting host will then enable the audio to allow for public comment.

During the meeting participants can place an icon beside their name to communicate with the host without disrupting the flow of the meeting. For example, click the Raise Hand hand icon beside your name to alert the meeting host that you would like to offer comment.

For participants who will be dialing-in via phone during the meeting and do not have access to a computer monitor, please text your name and affiliation to (646)763-0628 to offer public comment. The meeting host will then enable the audio and call on the dial-in participant by name to offer public comment in the order the text request was received.

Participants who do not have access to text or short message services (SMS) are strongly encouraged to register for public comment in advance by calling (646)763-0628 or by e-mailing the Commission at by 5 pm, Monday, April 6th, 2020.

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